Fully Automatic Compression Testing Machine with Pace Rate Controller (Screen Touch Digital Indicator) 2000kN


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Fully Automatic Compression Testing Machine with Pace Rate Controller (Screen Touch Digital Indicator)
Model No. LCI-2049

Standards: IS 14858:2000, EN 12390-3, EN 12390-5, EN 12390-6, EN 1338, EN 1340, EN 196

The fully automatic compression testing Machine with an advanced and intelligent screen touch digital indicator for pace rate controller by SETEST India is a user-friendly machine that facilitates and smoothens the process with automatic pace rate control, data logging, data printing, real time load Vs time graph, load hold etc.
Its sufficient to press only start button to complete test and get final result in N/mm2 & Kg/cm2. A full 3 term PID feedback control, it works by using a high torque Stepper Motor. The engineering of the machine consists of a Loading unit & an Electrically Operated Hydraulic Power Pack with an intelligent pace rate controller.

Load Frame Specifications:
A fully welded loading frame comes with a top crosshead, base and solid side walls with the precision ground hydraulic piston fixed to the base of the machine. Also, the machine is super empowering for it works by using rapid approach pump that allows the fast approach of platens, for daylight closure and also allows automatic, precise control over the load application. There is also a display of pace rate bar which gives timely feedback to the operator on the loading rate.
The main characteristics are:
• High stability welded assembly
• piston stroke with safety limit switch
• Platen hardness of min 55 HRC
• Distance pieces and safety door included
• Ball seating assembly and frame tested for stability

Touch Screen HMI:
➢ Peak Load, Peak Stress, Unique Record No. is displayed.
➢ HMI has provision to configure more than one Mode. Mode 1- Compression/Mode2 Flexure/Mode3-Prism Testing/Mode4-Tensile Splitting Strength.
➢ Menu Driven Sample Details.
➢ Data Download thru RS232.
➢ Peak stress calculation based on sample type and shape.
➢ Easy to operated.
➢ Password protection for systems & calibration setup.
➢ 2% overload facility to calibrate the machine setup.
➢ Start, Stop, Pause & Reset.
➢ Touch Screen Keyboard.
➢ Automatic Pace rate Control to set value
➢ Pace rate can be changed during test also.
➢ Auto close / release of Dump Valve.
➢ Communication with SETEST thru Serial Port (RS232).

This fully automated version of the manual/semiautomatic Compression testing Machine. The Machine is available from 50 KN to 3000 KN range. It has provision for automatically turning the pump on and off, controlling the set pace rate and switching the machine off under predate conditions. The Control releases the pressure at the end of every run and reinitializes the machine at the end of every test. The pace rate is maintained by means of PID control using high torque motors and driver sets.

Capacity: 2000kN
Standard: IS 14858:2000
Ram dia Meter: 215
Least Count: 0.1kN
Ram Travel: 60mm
Lower platens dimensions: Ø280mm
Upper platens dimensions: Ø280mm
Maximum vertical clearance between platens: 320mm
Horizontal clearance: 380mm
Height of Load Frame: 1200mm
Weight of Load Frame: 650kg
Motor Capacity: 1HP, Single Phase 230V, 50Hz.

Specimen Size (Suitable with load frame)
Cube Mould: 70.6mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm
Cylindrical Mould: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm

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this machine is work fine we can buy this machine after 3 months no problem.

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